Rhode Island Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A Rhode Island Month to Month Lease Agreement is a lease used in short term arraignments, where the lease terminates every month and renews upon payment of rent. This lease can be altered or terminated much more easily than a One (1) Year Lease, and is thus useful if either the landlord or the tenant are unsure about the tenant’s ability to remain at a property for a full year.

While a landlord can alter the terms of the lease, raise the rent or even end the tenancy at their discretion, the landlord is still required to give the tenant at least thirty (30) days written notice before altering the lease in any way. As in all states, it is illegal for the landlord to raise the rent or alter the lease in a discriminatory manner, or in retaliation for the tenant’s actions (such as filing a legal complaint with a housing agency about the landlord).

As the tenancy can be terminated quickly, the tenant should be exceptionally aware of the terms of their lease, so they can avoid violating it or giving the landlord reason to want them to vacate. There are few laws specifically pertaining to Month to Month Leases in Rhode Island, but all the relevant renting laws can be found in Rhode Island General Laws Chapter 34-18