Rhode Island Sublease Agreement

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A Rhode Island Sublease Agreement is an agreement that allows the current tenant of a property (known as the sublessor) to rent out all or part of their property to another party (known as the sublessee). This form is typically used to acquire a roommate not included on the original lease or if the tenant needs to vacate the property before their lease has finished and wants another tenant to be responsible for rent.

Rhode Island lacks any specific state laws regarding subleasing, and thus the rules for subleasing will typically be covered by the lease itself. Most leases discourage or outright forbid subleasing, and thus the sublessor will have to get written permission from the landlord before subleasing. Most landlords will require the sublessee to complete a Rental Application Form.

Note that, regardless of the terms of the Sublease Agreement, the sublessor will still be responsible for the terms of the original lease. If the sublessee fails to pay rent or otherwise violates the lease, both the sublessor and the sublessee may be subject to eviction.

As Rhode Island lacks any specific laws about subleasing, a sublease will be governed by the same laws as a normal lease. The relevant laws can be found in the Rhode Island General Laws, Chapter 34-18