South Dakota Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The South Dakota Month to Month Lease Agreement is a type of lease used for shorter term residential arrangements. In a Month to Month Lease, the lease will terminate at the end of every month and renew when the tenant pays rent. This makes it much simpler to alter or end than a One Year Lease.

In South Dakota, if the landlord wishes to alter the lease, or end the tenancy, they need to give one (1) months written notice, unless the tenant or their spouse is on Active Military Duty, in which case the landlord must give two (2) months written notice. Similarly, if a tenant wishes to terminate their lease, they must give the landlord one (1) month written notice.

As they are easier to terminate, Month to Month Leases are typically used when the landlord is unsure of a tenant’s ability to maintain a full year lease, or the tenant is unsure of how long they will be remaining in the area.

There is no section of South Dakota State Law that pertains specifically to Month to Month Leases and not longer term leases. All of the laws governing leases in South Dakota can be found in South Dakota Codified Laws, Title 43-32-1 to 43-32-32.