South Dakota Sublease Agreement

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The South Dakota Sublease Agreement is an agreement between the current tenant of a property (known as the sublessor) and another party (known as the sublessee) to rent out all or part of the property. This is typically used for obtaining a roommate not included in the original lease or for renting out the property to a third party if the sublessor has to vacate the property for one reason or another.

Under South Dakota State law, tenants are always allowed to sublet, and the sublessee will be held directly accountable to the landlord should they violate the lease. However, the sublessor is still required to maintain their lease, or else face eviction alongside the sublessee. As such, the sublessor or landlord may want the sublessee to fill out the Rental Application Form.

The laws for subleasing and other transfer of property in South Dakota can be found in South Dakota Codified Laws Chapter 43-4.