Tennessee Commercial Lease Agreement

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A Tennessee Commercial Lease Agreement is a kind of lease that allows the landlord to rent out their property to a commercial entity, typically for business or industrial reasons. There are a variety of laws restricting what kinds of organizations can use this type of lease. A non-profit or charitable organization cannot use this kind of lease, for example.

As they are intended for a company or other commercial entity, Commercial Leases can often be much more complicated and obtuse in their wording than a residential lease. They will usually contain many clauses about use of the property and, in certain cases, may even have clauses pertaining to surrounding units on the property. In addition, it is common in a commercial lease for a tenant to be financially responsible for costs other than the rent, such as the utilities, upkeep or property taxes. As such a Commercial Lease should be read even more carefully than a Residential Lease, possibly with lawyers present.

The majority of Tennessee laws that apply to Residential Leases also apply to Commercial Leases. All of the laws for property in Tennessee can be found in Tennessee Code Title 66.