Texas Commercial Lease Agreement

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The Texas Commercial Lease Agreement is an agreement that lets a property manager or owner to lease out their property to a commercial organization for industrial or business reasons. Note that only commercial entities can use this type of lease, a non-profit or charitable organization can not.

Since they typically involve large organizations rather than individuals, a Commercial Lease is often significantly more complicated than a Residential Lease. They will often contain unique clauses that pertain to the use of the property or even the use of surrounding units in the property. As such it should be read even more carefully than a Residential Lease, possibly with lawyers present.

In addition, in most Commercial Leases a tenant in financially responsible for more than just the rent. A common kind of Commercial Lease is a Triply Net (NNN) lease, where the tenant is responsible for the utilities, repair, property taxes and any other costs inherent to the property, often at an extremely reduced rent. In a Gross Lease, a tenant is only responsible for the rent. A tenant should be aware of all costs inherent in renting a property before deciding which kind of lease is best suited to them.

All the laws in Texas pertaining to Commercial Leases can be found in Texas Statutes, Chapter 93.