Utah Commercial Lease Agreement

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A Utah Commercial Lease Agreement is a lease specifically for renting out a property to a commercial organization, usually for either industrial or business reasons. Only a commercial entity can use this type of lease. A non-profit or charitable organization, for example, could not use this type of lease.

Unlike a Residential Lease which has the obligation to at least attempt to be made up of clear, easy to read language, a Commercial Lease will often be much more complex, and should be read even more carefully than a Residential Lease, possibly with lawyers present. In a Commercial Lease, the tenant will often be financially responsible for more than just the rent. The most common type of Commercial Lease is a Triple Net (NNN) Lease, where the tenant is responsible for the utilities, upkeep and property taxes inherent to the property, in addition to the rent.

All the Utah laws regarding leases can be found in the Utah Code 57-17-1 to 57-17-5 and 57-22-1 to 57-22-7. The Utah Commercial Code can be found in Utah Code Title 70A.