Virginia Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A Virginia Month to Month Lease Agreement is a unique type of lease, used for more tenuous living arrangements. Unlike longer term leases, which have a specified start and end date, after which they must be renegotiated and renewed, a Month to Month Agreement terminates at the end of every pay period and renews upon payment of rent. This has led it to be popular among students and tenants who move regularly and suddenly for work.

Unlike a One Year Lease, a landlord can alter the terms of the lease, or end it, essentially at their discretion (although altering it in a discriminatory manner is of course forbidden). In order to do so, the landlord must give the tenant thirty (30) days written notice before any changes. Similarly a tenant can end the agreement from their end simply by giving thirty (30) days written notice.

This means that both landlord and tenant can quickly and easily end the tenancy, if the agreement is no longer working or if the tenant can’t remain at the property for any number of reasons. While it lacks the security of a longer lease, it makes up for it in fluidity.

Most states have few, if any, laws pertaining specifically to Month to Month Leases, and Virginia is no exception. Instead, all of the laws regarding Month to Month Leases can be found alongside the laws governing other leases, which can be found in Virginia Code Ann. Title 55, Chapter 13.