Vermont Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The Vermont Month to Month Lease Agreement is a lease used for shorter term, more fluid living situations. Unlike a One Year Lease, this type of lease agreement ends at the end of every pay period and renews when the tenant pays rent. This makes it much easier for the landlord to alter or end the lease, or for the tenant to exit.

Unlike a One Year Lease, where the landlord needs due cause to end the lease, and cannot alter the rent or lease in any way, a landlord can terminate or alter a Month to Month Lease at their discretion, giving the tenant thirty (30) days written notice before altering it. Similarly, if a tenant wishes to end their tenancy, they must give the landlord thirty (30) days written notice before exiting the lease. This lack of firm legal commitment makes this kind of lease popular with students, tenants who move often or landlords who are unsure of their tenants financial stability.

Most states have few, if any, laws that pertain specifically to Month to Month Leases, usually reserving clauses within the laws for them. All of Vermont’s laws pertaining to residential property renting can be found in Vermont State Code, Title 9, Chapters 137 and 139.