Vermont Rental Application

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The Vermont Rental Application Form is not a legal agreement, but rather a kind of application used by landlords to screen potential tenants for issues with previous landlords, to minimize their risk of having a problematic tenant. A landlord has the right to charge a nonrefundable fee for this application.

A Rental Application Form will usually look into a potential tenant’s financial background and rental history, to ensure they will consistently pay their rent on time, and in full, and to ensure that they won’t violate another clause of the lease. While this is most commonly for a landlord’s benefit, it can also help an applicant with excellent financial and rental history to secure a property over less qualified applicants.

In order to be prepared for a rental application, an applicant should have access to their social security number, pay stubs and the names and contact information for any previous landlords they wish to use as references. Landlords being used as references should be easy to contact during normal business hours.