Washington Commercial Lease Agreement

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The Washington Commercial Lease Agreement is a unique lease, used by for-profit organizations to rent out property for commercial reasons, typically either business or industry. Note that this kind of lease can only be used by a commercial entity. A charitable or political organization could not use this type of lease.

As they are freed from the requirement residential leases have to contain clear and easy to understand wording, and involve large organizations instead of individuals, commercial leases are often much more complicated than residential leases. They will often hold a tenant financially responsible for more than just the rent. A common type of commercial lease, for example, is a Triple Net (NNN) lease, where the tenant is required to pay for the utilities, repairs and property taxes inherent in the property, usually at a drastically reduced rent from a Gross Lease, where the tenant is only responsible for the rent.

Due to the increased complexity of this kind of lease, it should be read even more carefully than a Residential Lease, often with lawyers present. In addition, as with all leases, both landlord and tenant should be aware of any and all local and state laws that could affect the lease. State laws in Washington that affect property leases can be found in Washington Statutes, Title 59. The Washington Commercial Code can be found in Washington Statutes, Title 62A.