Washington Month to Month Rental Agreement

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A Washington Month to Month Lease Agreement is a lease designed for more flexible or short term tenancies. In a Month to Month Lease, the agreement terminates at the end of every pay period, and renews upon rent being paid. This regular termination means they are far easier to alter or end than a One Year Lease.

While a Month to Month Lease is typically used to protect a landlord who is unsure of their tenants ability to maintain a One Year Lease, it can also be useful for a tenant who doesn’t think they will be remaining in the area for a full year, making it popular with students and tenants whose jobs require them to travel regularly. If either landlord or tenant wishes to end the tenancy, they merely need to give the other party thirty (30) days written notice.

As they are usually considered a subset of leases, rather than a completely different kind of lease in their own right, all of the laws that apply to a One Year Lease will typically apply to a Month to Month Lease. All of Washington’s laws that apply to renting property can be found in that Washington Revised Code, Title 59.