Washington Rental Application

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A Washington Rental Application Form is, unlike the rest of these forms, not a legal agreement but rather an application that most landlords will want potential tenants to complete. This form is used to minimize the risk of signing a long term lease with a tenant who will break the lease, by looking into their financial and rental history.

As the process of eviction can be quite lengthy and expensive, no landlord wishes to have to go through it, so they will usually screen tenants for financial issues or problems with previous landlords using this form. While it is primarily used to protect landlords, this form can also be useful for tenants with exemplary rental history to help them secure a desired property ahead of less qualified applicants.

In order to be prepared for this application, a potential tenant should have access to their pay stubs, social security number and the names and contact information for any previous landlords they wish to use as references. Any and all landlords the applicant wishes to use as references should be easy to contact, as it is unlikely the landlord they are applying to will try more than once or twice.