Wisconsin Commercial Lease Agreement

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A Wisconsin Commercial Lease Agreement is a lease specifically designed for a for-profit entity, typically a business or corporation, to rent out a property for commercial purposes. Only a commercial organization can use this type of lease. A non-profit, political or charitable organization could not.

As they are freed from the requirement to have easy to read language, a Commercial Lease can often be much more complex than a Residential Lease. In addition they will often have many clauses, pertaining to what the property can be used for, occasionally affected by and affecting surrounding units on the same property.

Typically in a Commercial Lease, a tenant will be financially responsible for more than just the rent. The most common Commercial Lease is a Triple Net (NNN) Lease, in which the tenant is responsible for the property taxes, utilities and upkeep, in addition to the rent. Other types of leases exist, such as a Gross Lease, where the tenant is only responsible for the rent, and the Adjusted Gross lease which is a halfway point between the Gross and Triple Net Leases, but are rarer.

All of the laws governing commercial leases in Wisconsin can be found in the Wisconsin Commercial Code, which can be found in Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 411.