West Virginia Month to Month Rental Agreement

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The West Virginia Month to Month Lease Agreement is a flexible, easily altered type of residential lease, designed for more temporary living situations. In this kind of lease, the agreement terminates at the end of every payment period and renews upon rent being paid. This makes it easier to alter or terminate quickly.

Unlike in a One Year Lease, where the lease cannot be altered or terminated until the year is up (or unless a provision in the lease allows for it), a Month to Month Lease can be altered essentially at the landlord’s discretion, by giving the tenant one (1) month’s written notice before altering it. Similarly, a tenant can end their tenancy simply by giving the landlord’s one (1) month’s notice.

Month to Month Leases are governed by the same laws as any other residential lease. All of West Virginia’s lease laws can be found in West Virginia Code, Chapter 37.