West Virginia Residential Lease Agreement

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The West Virginia Standard One (1) Year Lease Agreement is the most common form of residential long term lease. While it cannot be easily terminated or exited by either landlord or tenant, it gives both a sense of security. For the landlord, they know their property will be occupied for the full year, and the tenant knows that they will have a place to live for the entirety of the lease.

Both landlord and tenant should be completely sure before signing any long term lease. All landlords want to avoid the messy and difficult process of eviction, so they will want a tenant that will maintain the lease. A tenant that leaves a lease early may find themselves financially responsible for the rent until the landlord finds a new tenant, and being evicted can ruin their chances of getting another long term lease. The landlord will typically want the tenant to complete the Rental Application Form before signing a long term lease.


  • If the lease includes any nonrefundable fees, the landlord is required to designate them as such and disclose their purpose.
  • Federal law requires that the landlord disclose the presence of any lead paint based hazards on or around the property.