Wyoming Commercial Lease Agreement

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The Wyoming Commercial Lease Agreement is a lease unique to commercial entities, allowing a corporation or similar for-profit entities to rent a property, typically for business or industrial reasons. Note that this type of lease can only be used by a for-profit entity; A charitable, religious or political organization could not.

As they involve large organizations instead of individuals, Commercial Leases are often much more complicated than a similar Residential Lease. They will usually run for much longer than a residential lease and contain clauses pertaining to the use of the property, use of similar units on the property and even clauses making the tenant financially responsible for costs other than the rent. A Commercial Lease should therefore be read even more carefully than a normal lease, possibly with lawyers present.

A commercial lease will be covered by all of the same laws as a residential lease, in addition to its states Commercial Code. Wyoming’s Lease laws can be found in Wyoming State Code, Chapter 1-21-1201 to 1-21-1211. Wyoming’s Commercial Code can be found in Wyoming State Code, Chapter 34-1.