Wyoming Rental Application

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The Wyoming Rental Application Form is a form that allows landlords to screen potential tenants for financial issues or problems with previous landlords. As no landlord wants to go through the difficult and expensive process of eviction, a Rental Application Form is used to minimize the risk of signing a long term lease with a tenant who might violate it.

While they are primarily used to protect landlords from problematic tenants, a Rental Application Form can also be useful to a tenant with a good rental history, to allow them to stand out from other, less qualified, applicants. In order to prepare for this kind of form, an applicant should bring, or have easy access to, their social security number, proof of work such as pay stubs, and the names and contact information of any previous landlords they wish to use as references. Previous landlords should be easy to contact, as potential landlords will rarely try more than once.