Ticket Template

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If your business or organization hosts an event with the intention of fundraising, making money, or offering an exclusive experience, then you will need a ticket template to help you create tickets for the event. Some companies offer free events, which means they do not need tickets at the main gates – however, even if your event is free overall, you may offer some paid experiences such as raffles, rides, or drinks. Anything that requires payment at an event can benefit from the patron using a ticket.

Many Uses for Tickets

Tickets are sold at ticket counters, box offices, over the phone, and increasingly, online. A ticket template helps you create and change information about the event such as the event’s name, time (including time the doors open, if that is different from the time the event starts), location, and how much the customer paid for the ticket. While a ticket should also come with a receipt that shows the amount paid, including tax, printing the amount on the ticket itself, using the ticket template, can help the customer verify the money they spent for their own records.

As more concert venues, theatres, operas, and other ticket-based events move their ticket sales online, a ticket template becomes an increasingly important means of communication between your organization and your customer. You can issue an electronic ticket through email or on your website, which the customer can print out or show to the box office manager at the door. You can also mail a ticket and the receipt to the patron, or print it out for them to pick up at the door. Using a uniform ticket template can help prevent confusion about who issued the ticket and if it is legitimate, unless you need multiple ticket templates to denote specific types of patrons or aspects of the event.

Why Use a Ticket Template?

Make sure your staff is familiar with the ticket template, because they will interact with it every day once tickets go on sale for your event. Familiarity can help them recognize forgeries, and can also help them make legitimate changes to a patron’s tickets if necessary.

Some expensive tickets, such as to sporting events or concerts by famous bands, have bar codes and holograms to help prevent fraud. While our free ticket template does not feature these details, consider using these safety methods through a professional ticket printer if your business is very successful with ticket sales to your event.