Water Bottle Label Template

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Water bottle label templates help you customize individual water bottles, as well as soda bottles, coffee cups, and other drinking vessels for special occasions. Create memorable coordinating party favors for a birthday picnic by creating fun water bottle labels with the birthday boy or girl’s name, the date of their party, the location, even their zodiac sign! Slip mini-water bottles with customized labels into gift bags on prom night. Add a flourish to each table with customized water bottles at weddings and baby showers.

Elements of a Water Bottle Label Template:

Each special occasion calls for different information, so keep in mind what the event is and what fun details guests would like to remember about the celebration.

Consider using water bottles with custom templates in games, such as matching colors to divide the group into teams. You can print out quiz questions about the birthday boy or girl on the bottles and give prizes for the right answers. You can even promote recycling at your event by giving awards or extra party favors to the first person to properly put their water bottle in a recycling bin.

If your business attends large trade conventions, consider putting your business card information on a water bottle – attendees are more likely to hold and look at water bottles than something they can slip into their pocket and accidentally send through the wash!

Weddings are great celebrations for customizable water bottle label templates. Even small weddings these days have a theme or color scheme involved, and the date can be very important to the married couple. Receptions can be followed by long parties as friends and family of the married couple celebrate the happiness of the newlyweds. Make sure guests stay hydrated by providing them with bottles of water at their tables, which they can quickly grab. If you use a water bottle label template, you can ensure that even the bottles match the decorations!

Why Should I Use a Water Bottle Label Template?

A water bottle label template uses the measurements of the bottle to ensure that your label is the right size. These templates are highly customizable with colors, fonts, and content. Using a template can help you make sure that all the information you want to place on the bottle makes it and is aligned properly, so guests can fully enjoy the theme and creativity you used while planning the party. Download our free water bottle label templates today to get started on your next party or large celebration!