Wingdings Chart

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WingDings is the name for a series of fonts in the “dingbats” family. These fonts are symbolic fonts with different special characters aligned with the letters and numbers on a regular computer keyboard. Wingdings was originally created in 1990 by Microsoft as part of their word processor’s font package, and has become massively popular ever since. Because the letters and numbers on a normal keyboard do not correspond to similar alphanumeric characters in the Wingdings font, a Wingdings chart can prove useful when trying to match which symbol will appear if the user types a specific series of letters or numbers.

How Is a WingDings Chart Used?

With ten numbers (0 through 9) and 26 letters in the alphabet, along with several punctuation symbols, it can be difficult and time-consuming to memorize all the characters and their corresponding key strokes in one Wingdings font. A Wingdings chart can easily display which letter, number, and symbol correspond with which element in a specific Wingdings font.

Currently, there are four common Wingdings fonts – 1, 2, 3, and Webdings. These fonts have slight differences, so a chart with all of the fonts and their corresponding keystrokes can help the user add special characters, amusing images, or fancy glyphs to their printouts and presentations.

Special symbols found in Wingdings and not other fonts include Stars of David, zodiac symbols, special bullet and number points for lists, the “Save” icon for different operating systems, fingers pointing like arrows, and the Skull and Crossbones.

Why Should I Use a WingDings Chart Template?

A Wingdings chart can be printed out or kept in a digital format for easy reference while writing, creating marketing materials, or for use in PowerPoint presentations. This chart can quickly and easily show the user which key stroke will produce which specific symbol. Wingdings charts can also show the differences between Wingdings fonts, so the user can easily find the symbol they need for their project. Download our free Wingdings charts today to make the most of Wingdings!